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you know what to do with that big fat butt


wiggle wiggle wiggle

please don’t
me when a whole bunch of enemies start attacking me on video games  (via pudingu)


mom: so how do you know this person?

me: *struggles to come up with plausible fake story instead of saying “on the internet”*





pity the living, and, above all, those who choose red team


I think you spelled blue wrong. 


Cant we all get along?

Friends don’t let friends join blue team

Exhibit B, my character looks fucking awesome

Exhibit B, my character looks fucking awesome

Exhibit A, awesome views

Exhibit A, awesome views

I’d just like to take this time to say that participating in the Destiny Beta has been the best decision I’ve ever made. Continue with your lives now.



time to get your canon rvb facts straight

  • tucker is black
  • grif is overweight and hawaiian 
  • simmons is dutch irish (supposedly.. but in one episode grif questioned him on it and he replied with “fuck that”)
  • donut is from iowa 
  • church and allison are white
  • caboose is literally from the moon
  • sarge is an aged, white-sounding guy but thats totally unconfirmed 

this needs to be brought back

Drunk Freelancer Headcanons
Carolina: The drunker she gets, the more prone she is to doing silly drinking games and trying to out-drink other people. She wins almost all of the time.
Wash: Incredibly philosophical and self-searching. "Like, dude, do you, like... hear me out, do you ever wonder why we're here?"
York: Incredibly flirty with ridiculous pick-up lines that he generally can't complete without burping obnoxiously or taking another huge sip of his drink.
North: Normally the equivalent of the sober driver but whenever he gets drunk he has a habit of giving people pats on the back and buying sad people a drink on the house.
South: Yells a lot and is often asked to leave before dumping security guards on their ass.
CT: Surprisingly quiet most of the time no matter how drunk she gets.
Wyoming: Accent gets markedly thicker and he mutters about all things British and glares at people with American accents before grumbling about "ungrateful bloody colonists". Swears British-ly when people remind him the American Revolutionary war was several centuries ago.
Maine: Slumped over the bar snoring loudly.
Florida: Incredibly huggy. Like, dude.
479er: "No, dude, I swear I can drive. Nah it's fine, watch I can even do a barrel roll, I'm not drunk at all."